Hello my name is Daniel Meuser...

Welcome to my official homepage. I am a graduated sound engineer and sound designer from Germany and would like to introduce myself and my work in various areas on this page.

Sound design is always part of a story for me. With the language of sound and music, I can tell stories, emotions, or places beyond the visual and bring characters to life. I am a specialist in interactive game audio. I like working in a team on complex projects and always push to the limit of what is possible and constantly reinvent myself both artistically and technologically.


Im a Sound Designer from Germany specialized in interactive and game audio. In my Bachelor Project I developed as an early adaptor a 3D-Audio-Productionpileline for a VR-Experience for the Oculus Rift platform. In 2017 I started working in the game industry where I worked on Cryteks Hunt: The Showdown. I've also been involved in short films and feature films, be it providing evocative SFX, Atmo and Foley sounds, or mix-downs for the cinema in Post-Pro. I have started to produce my own SFX libraries lately and written articles of my work for microphone manufactures like "Lewitt".