Hunt: The Showdown

I had the incredible chance to work on the sound design and audio implementation on this project. I did mostly character sounds, as well as some map features like the animal attractors and took care of reverb zones. I was involved in the fine-tuning of some attenuation curves and auditory distances layers for some sounds.  


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Die FlaschenPost Insel

For this German feature film, I did a lot of sound design as well as the re-recordings all ambiences in surround format. I performed foley sounds and was involved in the mixdown in Post-Production.

Golden Record

This short movie from the Film Academy Baden-Würtenberg was completely without any location sound. The project was quite artsy and I needed to tell a lot about the environment on the sound level. I went with a hyper-real sound design and did all the foley for the character. I needed to mix in synthesized elements to the ambiences and since there where robots and machines, I needed to do some SFX that belong more to the sci-fi realm.


I started doing more and more field recordings in 2017. As a result, I started producing my first library called "Herbstwald" under the label "advanced chemistry sound", featuring  natural ambiences recorded mostly in germanys biggest National Park. 

Nefarious & Ominous VR

For my Bachelors Project I produced a shortstory as a VR-Experience. I wanted to come up with a production workflow as early adaptor for the Oculus Rift system. I used Unity, Wwise and the Oculus Spacializer for that.